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Our mission is to spread our knowledge from the years of experience we've spent helping the world’s best sports people achieve greatness. We're doing this through a new fun and engaging way with our online sports performance video platform. Our goal is to reach out to as many people as we possibly can, so we can help everyone realise their sporting dreams or just become that little bit better at what they do. It does not need to be expensive anymore – with Fuel My Potential you will gain insights from the very best in the business, including some fantastic insights from sports stars. Start your journey with us right here and tap into your full potential in sport and in life.

Dr Kirsty Fairbairn

BSc, PGDipDiet, MSc, PhD NZRD

Kirsty is a PhD-qualified leading Sports Dietitian, with more than 20 years’ experience in high-performance sport and sports nutrition research and teaching. She has mentored Gold Medal-winning Olympians, World Champions and some of the best sports teams in the world.

Her PhD studies were rich in biochemistry and physiology, making the application of science to people her strong point. Her research employs the latest techniques, findings and methods to deliver world-class advice to her clients.

She is fascinated by how the human body works. Kirsty loves food, loves sport (although cannot profess to terrific abilities) and loves to listen to her clients. Learning about her clients and understanding why they do what they do always inspires her. Come join her on your sports nutrition journey.

Rebecca Jackson

BPhEd, BSc, PgDip, MDiet, NZRD

Rebecca is a leading Sports Dietitian with a passion for empowering athletes to eat well, live well and perform at their best. Immersed in the sporting world herself she is a keen triathlete and mountain biker. She takes that experience and adds it to more than a decade of nutrition study, research, consulting and lecturing. She offers world-class support to her athletes as they unlock their potential through the power of food.

Rebecca has Bachelor degrees in Physical Education and Human Nutrition, a Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Nutrition through the International Olympic Committee and a Masters of Dietetics. She has worked with an array of athletes from amateur to the elite or professional level and across all age groups.

A non-believer in food rules, her approach is centered around athletes learning to understand their own bodies and fueling needs. There is no one size fits all when it comes to nutrition.

Derek Morrison

Content Director

Derek Morrison is an award-winning photojournalist who has worked with many high-performance athletes throughout his career. He has worked extensively documenting and photographing the careers of athletes in snowsports, surfing, rugby, football, motocross, enduro, desert racing, mountain biking, cycling and most other team sports.

Derek competed seriously in motocross and supercross in his early days before the call of the mountains grasped him and he competed in some of the earliest snowboarding competitions. It was in that environment that photography and journalism soon took over.

Derek is passionate about the pinnacle of sport – the athletes who time after time return to the very top step of the podium. It’s a fascination that has led him to some incredible corners of the high-performance sport world and he feels very fortunate for that.

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